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What's your retirement personality?

Take this quiz to find out

It's completely understandable to think about retirement in purely practical terms. Will I have enough money? How will my I spend my time? But you can also think of retirement as a life stage. After all, responsibilities and commitments change. Relationships evolve.

But when the Golden Years arrive, maybe a better question to ask this: Who do I want to be?

This quiz asks "Would You Rather?"-style questions to help you explore your retirement type. For best results, try not to take the questions too literally. For example, if there's an answer about making clay mugs in a kiln, feel free to choose it because you imagine yourself to be creative, not because you’re necessarily interested in pottery.

So set aside account balances, tax implications and questions about how to downsize. This quiz is all about taking time to dream. Have fun!


A different kind of retirement conversation

The choices you make in retirement can have a lasting impact on family dynamics — which is why sharing your plan with your loved ones is so important.

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