Preserving your life’s work

Prepare for a graceful transition

Retirement will be a time of transition for you and your business. Are you – and is your business – ready?

Whether you’re decades or months away from making your exit, putting a transition strategy in place to help make sure you have a nest egg to draw on will be essential steps toward a secure and enjoyable retirement.

Exit and transition strategies

How do you turn your hard work and goodwill into cash at retirement? The question looms over many business owners. Putting a transition strategy in place helps you ensure continued work for your employees and allows you to take pride in the ongoing name of your business after you ride off into the sunset.

Developing a comprehensive exit and transition program early makes it more likely that you will receive a fair value for your business and that the new owner will succeed.

Contact an advisor to help you develop a logical exit and transition program and increase the likelihood you’ll smoothly transition from business owner to retiree.

Retirement income

Have you saved enough to maintain your lifestyle and become independent of your business? Beyond the sale of your business, there are a number of ways to save for retirement and manage your income once retirement arrives.

Estate planning

You’ve spent a lifetime building and maintaining your assets, and you deserve to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. But when the time comes, estate or income taxes can erode your wealth.

Estate planning is one of many services offered by our financial advisors, who can provide funding vehicles that help protect and/or transfer your assets. 


Don’t wait. Make a plan.

Consult with your financial advisor to devise a successful exit and transition strategy today.     

Find an advisor

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