Pre-planning your funeral or memorial service

Pre-planning the details of your funeral or memorial service gives you peace of mind and eases the emotional and financial strain for loved ones left behind. Share your final wishes with loved ones and involve them in decision making. 

Messages to loved ones

You may wish to buy a journal to write down your thoughts. A simple way to start is drafting the preamble to your will or even writing your own obituary. Here are some ideas to think about:

  • How would you like to be remembered?
  • What fond memories or lasting advice would you like to share with family members and friends who have touched your life?
  • Are there certain values or principles you want to pass on?
  • Review our sample messages

Distribution of personal assets

  • Consider those items that you treasure and would like to leave with loved ones for generations to come
  • Make a list of assets and name the person(s) to whom the asset is to be given

To ensure these items are distributed according to your wishes this list should be included in your will or trust. Seek the assistance of an attorney to discuss the details and distribution of your personal property.