Legacy Planning Resources

End-of-Life Planning

Making choices to develop your legacy

End-of-life decisions can be difficult to think about and discuss with loved ones. We've prepared information to help guide you through the process – whether planning an immediate funeral or pre-planning your own.

Documenting your wishes

Begin planning your legacy by putting your wishes in writing. Sharing your plans with loved ones increases the likelihood they will be followed after your death.

A comprehensive legacy plan includes:

I had an inheritance from my father, it was the moon and the sun. And though I roam all over the world, the spending of it's never done.

Ernest Hemingway

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Final arrangements

Planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one can be both emotionally and financially difficult. It can also be one of the most important ways to honor the life of a loved one and to help bring closure for those who mourn

Important considerations

Important directives

Learn more about how to create the important directives that you and your loved ones will find necessary as you pre-plan for your own passing.

Documenting your wishes

Life insurance

The proceeds from life insurance policies can be used to pay final expenses and burial costs, fund a trust for family members, or benefit your favorite charities.    

How life insurance can help

Beneficiary designations

Your beneficiary designation determines who will receive your benefit from a life insurance policy, annuity or other financial instrument when you die.     

Choosing a beneficiary

Key contacts and information

Simple lists of your important documents - and where to find them - will make it much easier for your survivors to identify next steps following your death. 

Documenting key details

Additional resources

Check out our list of helpful documents and external links to help you through end-of-life considerations.     

Helpful documents and links