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Digital life insurance illustration experience

Engage clients with an online, customized life insurance experience

The tools you need to close the sale, all in one spot

Helping clients understand certain life insurance products can be daunting. They may have questions about the company, product or how to apply. Our innovative digital illustration presentation page provides the answers they are looking for in a professional online presentation — helping you close the sale. This tool is meant to help you present the product to your client, answer questions, provide resources, and submit the case.

How to access it

When you run a life insurance illustration for a qualifying product1, the illustration cover page includes a unique QR code and link to a personalized page you can use to present the illustration to a client. 

See how to access the custom experience from the illustration cover page

We’re here for you

Contact your life insurance sales team for even more tools on a variety of topics.

Broker dealers

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Independent brokerage

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Interactive demo

Demo the landing page for yourself to see how you can use it with your clients.

View demo

A complete toolkit all in one page

Illustration page introduction card

Digital illustration intro

Card highlights

  1. Personalized page for your client.
  2. Top product highlights with highlighted terms and pop-up definitions.

Best practices

This is a great opportunity to go over the reasons you are recommending this product to your client.

Your illustrated values page card

Digital illustration values

Card highlights

  1. Interactive chart and values based on your clients personalized illustration.
  2. Show your client a visual representation of how the corresponding values change at various ages. Look at distribution values, premiums paid, surrender value or death benefit.
  3. Illustrated policy information including selected optional agreements and a quick link to view the complete illustration.

Best practices

Have a conversation with your clients about their goals while going through the graph. Show them how distributions and death benefit could be impacted based on age.

Additional resources page card

Digital illustration resources

Card highlights

  1. Product specific and general life insurance resources.
  2. Securian Financial company information and financial strength and our commitment to policyholders.
  3. Learn what to expect when applying and how our streamlined application process works.

Best practices

This section can be helpful when you want to point out key strengths of the company, provide resources or talk about "What's next" in the application and underwriting process.

Next steps page card

Digital illustration steps

Card highlights

  1. Easy way to walk through what to expect with your client.
  2. Once you've walked through the process and illustration details click on APPLY NOW with them to complete an eApplication. Make sure you have your e-App log-in information handy. This will not allow your client to complete an application on their own.

Best practices

Walk through what to expect when completing an application, the underwriting process and then click on apply now to complete an application with your client. Make sure to have your eApp log-in info handy.

Access My Account page card

Digital illustration my account

Card highlights

  1. Have your client register for My Account once they apply to track their policy status online.
  2. They can also utilize to handle service related tasks saving you time.
  3. Clicking on the "start your application" button will redirect you to eApp if you click that you are a financial professional. This will not allow your client to complete an application on their own.

Tips for success

Using these resources will give you talking points on the product and allow you to educate your client on Securian Financial. Here are some tips to ensure your presentation to clients is as successful as it can be:

Icon of a set of digital devices

Take a tour of the website

Get comfortable with the website content and look for things you may want to pull up or touch on when presenting to your client. Try out the demo link to see how the interactivity works to practice walking through some of the key points.

Clipboard with checked tasks icon

Be prepared

Have your username and password ready when you meet with your client. This allows you to go straight into eApp using the quick link to complete the
application. This can save you time and money by not having to log into multiple systems and possible additional eApp charges.

phone icon

Need help?

Reach out to your sales teams for additional help, feedback or ideas on how to use this with your clients.

1. Currently this feature is only available on the following products:

  • Eclipse Accumulator Indexed Universal Life (IUL)
  • Variable Universal Life (VUL) Defender

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

Policy loans and withdrawals may create an adverse tax result in the event of lapse or policy surrender and will reduce both the surrender value and death benefit. Withdrawals may be subject to taxation within the first fifteen years of the contract. Clients should consult their tax advisor when considering taking a policy loan or withdrawal.

These materials are for informational and educational purposes only and are not designed, or intended, to be applicable to any person's individual circumstances. It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation that anyone engage in (or refrain from) a particular course of action. Securian Financial Group, and its subsidiaries, have a financial interest in the sale of their products.

For financial professional use only. Not for use with the public. This material may not be reproduced in any way where it would be accessible to the general public.

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