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Financial Wellness 360®

A comprehensive program to meet the needs of diverse workforces

Families across the country are stressed out when it comes to their personal finances

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40% of U.S. adults have less than $1,000 saved to deal with unexpected expenses1

58% of employees admit they're stressed about finances; and 50% of those say finances have been a distraction at work1

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More than 42 million Americans owe student loans worth more than $1.7 trillion, and are the second-largest type of consumer debt, falling behind mortgage debt.2

Financial wellness is a critical benefit

Financial matters is the top cause of stress at work for U.S. employees — and distracting them on the job.1 Employee financial stress costs employers across the U.S. a total of $4.7 billion per week in lost productivity.3

Help employees and drive results 

Supporting financial well-being not only helps employees pay off debt, save for an emergency and get on track for retirement, but also achieve business results: 

  • Reduced employee stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer employee health issues related to financial stress
  • Reduced healthcare costs and illness-related absenteeism
  • Maintain or improve morale
  • Increased employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention

Comprehensive, flexible solutions to help reduce financial stress

Securian's Financial Wellness 360 program is designed to embrace the different ways employees like to engage with information. Our multi-faceted program includes online, in-person and self-paced services. It also provides a variety of avenues to inspire, educate and encourage employees to make lasting change.

Providing long-term financial success, the Financial Wellness 360 program is offered through four components:

  1. Personalized financial education by Enrich™
  2. Legal, financial and grief resources through LifeWorks
  3. Student loan assistance through BenefitEd™
  4. Retirement readiness resources
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The case for comprehensive financial wellness benefits

The link between financial wellness and productivity.

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Distracted at home, unfocused at work


of Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency with savings.4


of those making more than $100,000 annually live paycheck to paycheck5


of employees are saving less for retirement than they think they should5


Next steps

Team up with us and learn about Securian Financial’s retirement and financial wellness solutions. Find a financial professional or contact a retirement sales specialist.

Personalized financial education by Enrich™

Enrich provides behavior-changing, interactive financial education to help employees improve their financial well-being. Key features include:

  • Courses with interactive content adapted to unique user needs

  • Financial behavioral analysis
  • Individualized prescriptive action plans
  • Assistance with realistic goal setting

Employees receive a highly personalized and interactive experience as they learn about important financial topics like student debt, mortgages, budgeting, investing, retirement, long-term care and more.

Employees answer a financial check-up questionnaire to get personalized content. Enrich uses artificial intelligence (AI) to “learn about the learner” to identify preferred content and further tailor the experience for each employee.

Enrich users experience positive behavior changes

From 2020 to 2021, Enrich users experienced overwhelmingly positive behavior changes. In just 12 months:

59% increase

in users who had built up an emergency savings of at least 3 months of living expenses6

35% increase

in users who reported that they are on track with saving for their goals6

14% increase

in users who are contributing to their retirement savings plan6

Legal, financial and grief resources through LifeWorks

This suite of complimentary, no-obligation professional services and self-service resources helps employees address today's financial challenges and plan for tomorrow. Available online and by phone 24/7/365, employees (and their dependents) can talk with counselors or legal professionals and access hundreds of articles, online toolkits, audio recordings, assessments and videos with tips and tools to boost well-being and make life a little easier — without having to enroll.

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A complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute consultation per issue by phone or in an attorney’s local office.

  • One consultation per issue is available each year
  • Additional services are available at 25 percent discount of the attorney’s hourly fee
  • Includes access to a full suite of online services, including:
    • Simple will preparation
    • Templates
    • Other resources
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Phone access to accredited financial counselors to answer questions or schedule a 45-minute counseling session per issue on topics such as:

  • Budget analysis
  • Credit management
  • Bankruptcy
  • Establishing savings goals
  • Finding resources for:
    • Home ownership, college funding or retirement planning
    • Basic estate planning
    • Questions about tax planning and preparation
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Grief support

Access to master’s level consultants by phone for any stage of grief.

  • Referrals to outside agencies on a broad range of issues related to loss

Student loan assistance through BenefitEd™

BenefitEd™ provides a full suite of student loan benefits that can benefit many members of a workforce — regardless of age. These programs can boost any financial wellness program and, in turn, help employers attract and retain top talent. Solutions include:

  • Employer-assisted student loan repayment — Helps employees pay down student loan debt with direct contributions or matching programs to reward loyalty, ease recruitment and reduce employee financial stress
  • Employer-assisted college savings — Helps employees save for future education, including their own or their family members, by supplementing 529 college savings contributions, encouraging financial planning and helping them achieve their educational goals
  • Employee choice — Gives employees an option to direct unused retirement plan matching funds toward their student loan or 529 plan.
  • Student loan repayment support — Offers employees assistance on their student loan journey with a dashboard, resource center and expert support
  • Tuition reimbursement — Rewards employees for continuing their education and eases the administrative burden for employers by partnering with BenefitEd to manage the program

Fee applies and is dependent on the program(s) selected and number of enrolled/eligible participants in the program. Securian Financial and BenefitEd are working together to provide reduced pricing exclusively for Securian Financial retirement plan clients.

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Help attract and support employees

Tax-free student loan benefits can help ease financial burdens associated with education costs.

Retirement readiness resources

Employees can take advantage of self-service, interactive tools and resources to help on every step of their retirement journey. Key features include:

  • The Retirement Income Projection Tool — Identifies gaps to help employees get into their “Target Zone” and keep them there so they're retirement ready
  • Engaging educational tools and resources — Newsletters, videos and campaigns cover a variety of key retirement topics and offer insights to help them develop healthy financial habits
  • Calculators and planning tools — Provide employees with relevant savings and investing information at every stage of their life
  • Simplified investing strategies — Help streamline asset allocation decisions for participants, including age-based, risk-based and personalized portfolios

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Financial wellness services are available by Enrich by iGrad, LifeWorks, and BenefitEd; and all such services and products are the sole responsibility of Enrich, LifeWorks and BenefitEd. Enrich, LifeWorks, and BenefitEd are not affiliated with Securian Financial Group, Inc. or Minnesota Life Insurance Company, and the services are not part of your contract with Minnesota Life. Securian Financial has made these services available to its plan sponsor clients as a convenience and such availability does not constitute an endorsement of the products and services.

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