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March 2023 Edition

How companies use AI, data analytics tools to improve benefits engagement

Today’s increased access to data and analytics tools means benefits managers have extensive amounts of valuable information they can use to improve benefits enrollment and drive participation.

Additionally, examining demographics and segmenting data according to age or location can identify strategy gaps, which can help target educational tactics and potentially customize benefits packages.

More powerful, advanced technology tools

Advanced technology tools featuring artificial intelligence (AI) are being adopted by more organizations. In fact, a 2022 survey found that 91 percent of CEOs anticipate investing more in AI over the next six to 12 months.1

AI can lessen the workload for HR teams by virtually addressing commonly asked questions, resulting in meaningful time savings. Enhanced analytics tools are also helping benefit specialists evaluate program impact and cost-effectiveness.

When it comes to employees, AI technology in decision-support systems helps employees compare plans and include external data points, allowing for personalized recommendations based on health history, finances, family makeup, life stage and other key factors.1

How improved data quality leads to better programs and enrollment planning

Access to accurate and trusted benefits data is essential for building better programs and enrollment planning.2 Some of the most valuable data points include:3

  • Meeting attendance
  • Email opens and click-through rates
  • Web traffic to benefits information hubs
  • Engagement with benefits-focused internal chat channels (like Slack or Teams) or messages via online platforms

Analyzing this data also helps shape the company’s communications strategy. A survey found that 35 percent of employees said contacting HR staff members to ask them questions was hard, and 31 percent reported that communications were too difficult to understand.1 Moreover, another survey found that at 69 percent of organizations it would take longer than a week to answer the simple question: “Which of our benefits costs the most?”2

Optimize benefit plans with Securian Financial’s proprietary data analytics tool

Securian Financial addresses today’s demands for data with Secure Insights®, our proprietary, multi-faceted data analytics solution developed in partnership with LIMRA.

Secure Insights leverages LIMRA industry statistics, third-party data and employee demographics to develop a report that provides employers a deeper understanding of their employees and their needs along with insights regarding the products and services we offer to address those needs. It helps identify opportunities, set goals, make decisions and execute changes to help achieve the plan’s full potential.

Learn how Secure Insights can level up your benefits planning and better engage employees.

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