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Prospectuses and reports

Important Shareholder Meeting April 16, 2021: View Proxy Statement for contract holders who own shares of the SFT Ivysm Growth Fund as of February 24, 2021 (record date).

Prior to November 20, 2017 the SFT Wellington Core Equity Fund was named SFT Pyramis® Core Equity Fund. The name change is the result of a transition from FIAM LLC to Wellington Management Company LLP as sub-adviser to the fund. Please see the fund prospectus for more information about the sub-adviser transition.

Effective May, 1, 2018 Advantus Capital Management, Inc. changed its name to Securian Asset Management, Inc. Effective as of the date of the name change, each Portfolio's name changed to reflect the removal of "Advantus" as part of the Portfolio's name. In addition, the SFT Advantus Bond Fund was renamed SFT Core Bond Fund.

Effective December 3, 2018, the SFT Mortgage Securities Fund merged into the SFT Core Bond Fund.

DOFU 2-2019