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Securian Financial

Investment management

Securian Asset Management, Inc. (Securian AM) is the investment advisor for Securian Funds Trust (SFT) and has managed the Fund's assets since 1997. Securian AM also manages investments for various private accounts, including its affiliate, Minnesota Life Insurance Company, and provides investment sub-advisory services for various unaffiliated mutual funds.

In addition to the SFT Funds Securian AM manages directly, the following table lists the SFT Funds’ investment sub-advisors. Each sub-advisor provides investment advice and conducts the investment management program for the respective Fund.

Funds managed

Fund Investment sub-advisor
SFT International Bond Fund Franklin Advisers, Inc.
SFT IvySM Growth Fund* Ivy Investment Management Company (IICO)
SFT IvySM Small Cap Growth Fund* Ivy Investment Management Company (IICO)
SFT T. Rowe Price Value Fund T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
SFT Wellington Core Equity Fund Wellington Management Company LLP

The investment management program for each Fund is overseen by the Trust's Board of Trustees. Detailed information regarding the Trust's Trustees and their responsibilities, the selection and qualification of Trustees, and the structure of the Board of Trustees and its committees can be found in the Trust's statement of additional information.

Additional information about Securian AM, the SFT Funds sub-advisors, and their management of the Funds, including investment strategies and techniques, is contained in the Fund's prospectus and statement of additional information.

A discussion regarding the basis of the most recent approval by the Trust's Board of Trustees of the investment advisory agreement with Securian Asset Management and the investment sub-advisors is available in the Fund's Semi-Annual Report to Shareholders (if such approval occurred in the first half of the Fund's fiscal year) or in the Annual Report to Shareholders (if such approval occurred in the second half of the Fund's fiscal year).

*"Ivy" is the registered service mark of Ivy Distributors, Inc., an affiliate of the SFT Ivy℠ Growth Fund and SFT Ivy℠ Small Cap Growth Fund’s investment sub-advisor, Ivy Investment Management Company (IICO).

Prior to May 1, 2018, Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company, an affiliate of IICO, was the sub-adviser for the Fund.