Every moment counts

Little moments matter as much as major milestones

Most conversations about financial topics focus only on the future. But what about the present? 

We understand the power of presence, whether it’s a good day, a bad day, or just another day. Our new campaign celebrates the fleeting instants of everyday magic that turn into memories. Because our insurance, investment and retirement solutions give you the confidence to enjoy the here and now. So you can make every moment count.

Not The Boots

Some mornings, simple requests are a battle of wills. Then, there are the days when stress ends in laughter. And you melt. Because you make every moment count — like this father-daughter truce.

BBQ Surprise

Even little accidents can end up being memorable. And they’re the moments that make life joyful — even if you’re the only witness. 

Command Performance

From the biggest performances to the smallest audiences, every moment counts. Because even a living room piano recital can be a treasured memory you didn’t see coming.

DOFU 5-2018