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Securian Financial honors veterans

Servicemember Employee Resource Group leads month-long Veterans Day commemoration

A variety of events throughout November is helping Securian Financial honor veterans’ contributions to our company and community.

Our Servicemember Employee Resource Group includes veterans, current service members and employees supporting soldiers and military families in our community. The group organized the Veterans Day-related events, which are open to all employees and reflect the experiences and honors that come with service to our country.

The events kicked off on Veterans Day, when employees had the chance to share photos of veterans and current service members in their families. The photos were displayed on monitors across the company’s campus and intranet for all to appreciate.

In addition, retired Navy Captain Brooks Berg spoke to employees about how military leadership and personal accountability translate into corporate life. Captain Berg was an active duty Submarine Officer for 13 years and a Navy Reserve Officer for 11 years. He served onboard the USS Finback, USS Alabama and USS Newport News submarines and commanded five navy reserve units. He retired recently from a medical device company where he was the director of post-market quality for neurological devices.

Becoming a Yellow Ribbon Company

Another event in particular stands out. On November 21, Securian Financial will be recognized as a Yellow Ribbon Company.

According to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, a program that connects service members and their families with community support, training, services and resources, becoming a Yellow Ribbon Company offers many benefits.

“By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network within a company, key areas unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments,” the program’s website explains. “The outward showing of support enables successful transition into the workplace for service members and creates support systems for employees affected by military deployments.”1

Rachel Edelman, Servicemember Resource Group co-chair at Securian Financial, says, “We are especially proud this year to help Securian Financial attain recognition as a Yellow Ribbon Company. The application criteria was rigorous and looked at what we have done in the past to support the military community, but also what we are committed to moving forward. The Proclamation Ceremony is more than an award — it is real validation that Securian Financial is making a difference for veterans and their families.”

This difference is demonstrated across Securian Financial’s recruiting, employment policies, training and development, community outreach and other efforts to support our military community. The Servicemember Resource Group collaborates on these efforts alongside senior leadership.

Prior to the Yellow Ribbon Proclamation Ceremony, employees will have a chance to hear from Annette Kuyper, Minnesota director of military outreach, about the Yellow Ribbon Network, its origins and how it works to bring communities and companies together to support veterans and military-connected families.

Building a support system at Securian Financial

The mission of Securian Financial’s Servicemember Employee Resource Group is to create an environment of comradery and inclusion for military members, military families and supporters while also supporting military-connected recruiting and retention at Securian Financial.

The group has executive-level sponsorship and is recognized by the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, which prioritizes D&I initiatives and supports all employee resource groups at Securian Financial.

“Being part of the Servicemember Employee Resource Group is so important to me because of the impact we make for others,” says Katrisha Neisse, the group’s co-chair. Neisse served in the National Guard and was deployed to Iraq. “Knowing you have support at work as a veteran means so much. This is a group of people who understand what we’ve experienced, and the adjustments we make as we move from service to civilian work. It’s also great to have families of service members and people who just want to show their support in our resource group. It creates a supportive environment.”

Rachel Edelman and Katrisha Neisse are Securian Financial employees and thus have a financial connection to Securian Financial. Their statements were given freely.

1. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon Companies

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