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Working with diverse businesses creates mutual benefits

How one LGBTQ+-certified supplier supports business needs and adds perspectives

Meeting business needs while supporting our commitment to supplier diversity is central to our role as a business consumer.

Supplier diversity matters to us for several reasons.

  • It aligns with Securian Financial’s purpose and values. It’s a tangible way we can help other businesses pursue their own secure tomorrows.
  • When our suppliers thrive, they’re better able to support their own suppliers, employees and communities.
  • As our communities diversify, our supplier base should too so we can better serve stakeholders’ diverse needs.
  • Working with diverse suppliers invites new perspectives and insights into our company that help us innovate and compete.

Supplier spotlight: TalentBurst

Since 2019, TalentBurst, a LGBTQ+-certified vendor, has supported our contingent workforce needs to help us respond nimbly to the changing needs of our business — a capability that has been particularly necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve placed more than 35 TalentBurst workers at Securian Financial,” said Tracy Collins, contingent workforce program manager for Securian. “Knowing that we are hiring strong, dependable individuals in these positions has been valuable when there were so many unknowns due to the pandemic and work-from-home orders.”

Jyotindria Patel, senior vice president – West Coast for TalentBurst, says, “Our alliance with Securian Financial has allowed us to grow in more ways than we can count, including increasing our footprint in supporting the financial industry nationwide. This broadens the scope of talent we attract and can share with Securian Financial.”

And working with minority-owned suppliers like TalentBurst allows us to advocate with our dollars for marginalized segments of our society. In turn, TalentBurst helps us learn about doing business with diverse suppliers compared to other businesses and how we can better support a variety of business types.

Supporting supplier businesses

We’re committed to ensuring our supplier procurement process is open to all suppliers equally.

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Tracy Collins is a Securian Financial employee and therefore has a financial connection to Securian Financial. The statements were given freely.

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