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Corporate sector talent helps meet social impact sector needs

How Securian Financial marketers offered fresh insight to help nonprofits solve challenges

At a time when nonprofits’ resources are stretched more than usual, the HandsOn Twin Cities Impact Day generated solutions to their marketing-specific needs.

Cohorts of marketing professionals were paired with nonprofit organizations who faced marketing-related challenges. The caveat? The challenges had to be something teams could solve during the one-day, hackathon-style workshop.

Impact Day with HandsOn Twin Cities is a quarterly volunteering event that leverages corporate sector talent for social impact sector needs. Nonprofits in need of support outline their challenge and desired outcome for the day. They then collaborate with a team of experts from local companies who give their time pro bono to develop solutions.

Securian Financial sponsored the 2020 Marketing Impact Day, and 13 professionals from its Enterprise Marketing team volunteered during the virtual event on December 12, 2020. Projects included rebranding, building awareness, developing social media frameworks, defining marketing strategies, conducting website audits and many others.

Providing employees with opportunities to support their communities is a pillar of Securian Financial’s culture of giving. In 2020, employees contributed more than 17,000 hours1 of their time toward company-sponsored volunteer programs — all while working remotely for most of the year.

Here’s what some of the Securian Financial volunteers had to say about their Impact Day experience.

  • Ann McGarry, Head of Enterprise Marketing and Branding, assisting NEXT Career Pathways: “I believe that young people are our future. I know through my own two young adults how hard it is to identify a career path, and that college is not the answer for every high school student. I enjoyed applying marketing expertise in a situation where it was needed and appreciated.”
  • Casey Meyer, Solutions Marketing Senior Analyst, assisting Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of the American Sewing Guild: “The marketing impact day was a huge success. Giving back to local nonprofits using our knowledge, experience and passion is a win-win. The group was so appreciative and excited to put the deliverables into action.”
  • Brittany Heller, Brand Consultant, assisting World Encounter: “I left the experience feeling reenergized to think about new ways to approach my own work. There’s so much power in a fresh take – our own when we shift our mindset and that of others when we welcome them to help identify new opportunities.”
  • Lisa Fay, Solutions Marketing Manager, assisting Lunar Startups: “I volunteered because I wanted to help talented women, people of color and LGBTQ+ and non-binary entrepreneurs build strong businesses. The day was uplifting, educational and rewarding.”
  • Staci Wolden, Solutions Marketing Senior Analyst, assisting Roots for the Home Team: “It was a great experience and I’m thankful Securian Financial created the opportunity to help. Roots for the Home Team gives kids a chance to grow vegetables and create and sell salads that incorporate them. The kids develop confidence and have opportunities to be leaders, thinkers, growers and doers.”
  • DJ Hamm, Brand Consultant, assisting Hope Community: “I really enjoyed being able to share my expertise in social media with the organization. It was fun leveraging ideas from the rest of the volunteers on our team to provide the best possible strategy and tips.”
  • Donovan Stohlberg, Internal Marketing Agency Director, assisting AmeriCorps Seniors: “I appreciated the chance to work with others and to provide personal guidance for AmeriCorps Seniors. I also valued the opportunity to connect with other marketing professionals and organizations in the branding space.”
  • Katie Weddle Langer, Brand Senior Analyst, assisting NEXT Career Pathways: “I enjoyed collaborating with marketing peers from other companies toward a common goal of helping to raise and maintain awareness of NEXT Career Pathways. It was a refreshing way to give back and connect with people during this work-from-home era.”
  • Leah Patnode, Customer Engagement Consultant, assisting World Encounter: “It was rewarding to be able to use the expertise I’ve gained through work to help an organization that has no on-staff marketing. The day was filled with excitement, exploration and a get-it-done attitude.”  

A culture of giving

Securian Financial employees go above and beyond to support their communities and embrace our values.

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The names listed are Securian Financial employees and thus have a financial connection to Securian Financial. Their statements were given freely.

1. Data as of December 31, 2020.

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