Mentoring programs

A two-way street named Inspiration

Through mentoring programs with schools serving disadvantaged communities, Securian associates strive to make a difference in the lives of K-12 students.

And it’s not always the tutoring that makes the greatest impact. Some Securian associates have mentored their students over multiple years, forging a personal bond that is still making a big difference in both lives.

Urban Academy Charter School

Securian began partnering with Urban Academy Charter School in 2012 in support of their vision to inspire, challenge and enhance every student’s innate ability to succeed.

UA students come to Securian Center every other week to work on reading and other academic subjects with their mentors.

In the process, the students develop a personal connection with a caring adult and are exposed to a professional business environment, helping them to strengthen social skills.

Mentoring with a kick

Mentoring takes many forms. Watch what happened when Securian invited UA students to a soccer clinic with members of Minnesota United FC.

Learn about Urban Academy

Saint Paul Public Schools

For some students in urban areas, it’s difficult to imagine life beyond high school. For many, dropping out is a foregone conclusion.

Securian associates have helped teenagers visualize a world full of opportunity through the Mentoring Excellence Program (MEP), an initiative of Saint Paul Public Schools, for more than two decades.

Creative exercises help the students formulate goals for their lives. Skill-building in areas like study habits and time management show them how those goals can be a reality.

It’s a highly successful program with a high-satisfaction quotient for Securian associates when mentees head off to college, many the first in their extended families to do so.

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