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Securian & CRI Customer Relationship Summary and Regulation Best Interest disclosure

This Customer Relationship Summary (or Form CRS) and Regulation Best Interest resource page is intended to help Securian Financial Services, Inc. (Securian) and CRI Securities, LLC (CRI) customers and prospects navigate information regarding Securian's and CRI’s products, fees and conflicts of interest when providing the public with brokerage and investment advisory services. Both Securian and CRI are dually registered broker dealers and investment advisers (Securian and CRI are collectively referred to as “we,” “our,” “us,” or the “Firms”). To learn about the Firms and the products and services we provide, please start with the Form CRS document below and reference the additional linked resource materials. These materials are posted in accordance with Regulation Best Interest, which is effective June 30, 2020.

Customer disclosures

Securian & CRI Form CRS


Form CRS is presented to prospects or customers when a securities recommendation is made by one of our financial professionals. This document describes our products and services, fees, conflicts of interest, and other important information relating to brokerage and investment advisory products and services.

Regulation Best Interest disclosure


The Regulation Best Interest disclosure (Reg BI disclosure) provides more in-depth information about our brokerage and investment advisory services, products, fees and conflicts of interest. The Reg Bl disclosure provides further detail about topics covered in Form CRS, so for topics of interest in Form CRS, refer to the Reg BI disclosure to learn more.

Security products and fees

Investments and fees by product type

This section provides descriptions of the various types of security products and services we make available for investment to the public. Included in the description is an explanation of how the associated fees apply when investing in these securities in a brokerage account. Please see the investment advisory brochures below for a further explanation of how fees are charged in an investment advisory account.

Client Commission and Fee Schedule


The Client Commission and Fee Schedule lists the fees and commissions charged in brokerage accounts with Pershing, LLC, our clearing broker dealer. Many of our investment advisory programs providing asset management services use Pershing brokerage accounts as the underlying investment vehicle. While commissions and transaction charges do not apply to investment advisory wrap fee programs, some of the account maintenance and other fees do apply. See the applicable investment advisory wrap fee program brochures below for more information regarding fees charged in those programs.

Relationships with financial service companies

Securian Strategic Partners Program

The Securian and CRI strategic partner web page provides information regarding our relationships with certain affiliated and unaffiliated companies. The page includes information about marketing support payments provided to us by these companies, as well as non-cash benefits that we and strategic partner companies provide to our financial professionals. These payments and incentives are a conflict of interest for us and our financial professionals.

Investment advisory client brochures


Securian brochure (ADV 2A)

Firm brochure


Wrap program brochures (ADV 2A Appendix 1)

Formerly offered

Portfolio Solutions 1



CRI brochure (ADV 2A)

Firm brochure


Wrap program brochures (ADV 2A Appendix 1)

Certain affiliates' financial products

Securian Asset Management prospectuses

Securian Asset Management, Inc. (Securian AM) is an affiliated Registered Investment Adviser. One of Securian AM's advisory activities includes managing mutual funds available to retail investors.

Securian AM Funds


Securian AM Funds are available to the public for investment in the Firms’ brokerage and investment advisory accounts.

Certain sub-advised Ivy funds

Securian AM serves as a sub-advisor to certain Ivy mutual funds that are available to the public for investment in the Firms’ brokerage and investment advisory accounts.

Securian AM SFT Funds

Securian AM is the investment adviser for funds in the Securian Funds Trust, offered through variable life and annuity products issued by Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company.*

Insurance products issued by affiliates*

*Life insurance or annuity products are only available through Securian, not CRI.

Securian's Financial Professionals sell both variable and fixed insurance products, including both life insurance and annuities, issued by both affiliated and unaffiliated insurance companies. For more information about insurance issued by Securian’s affiliates please go to the following pages:

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